VALORBROS 6 Inch Digital Electronic Caliper Review 2021

The digital calipers have slowly started to taken over the traditional vernier calipers. With a lot of brands in the market currently, it has become impossible to select the best for yourself. Well, if you are on a tight budget and looking for a digital caliper for a daily use Valorbroas electronic caliper is the one for you. Valorbroas electronics is a trusted name in the sector. Among many other line of electronic products they also produce digital calipers. I ordered the Valorbroas digital caliper from The package comes with a black protective case, a digital caliper and extra batteries. Now that you know what’s in the box, let’s look at some of its key features:

Valorbroas Digital Caliper : Features

  1. Stainless steel body

Stainless steel bodies on instruments marks for a long life. Stainless steel is known for its rigid and strong composition that assists the digital caliper to withstand harsh conditions. Digital calipers are also used to measure depths. The stainless steel body resists corrosion and oxidation even if it’s submerged under water for a longer time. The body is comparatively lighter which makes it more portable.

  1. LCD display

The Valorbroas digital caliper provides a big enough LCD screen (6 inches) to view all the measurements. The display is made mostly out of plastic which again makes it damage proof up to an extent. The display comes in very handy when your money is on accurate results. Simply sliding the jaws of the caliper can display results on the screen. Using the buttons on the screen you can change measurement units and modes.

  1. Four way measurement capacity

Unlike many calipers the Valorbroas digital caliper provides a four way measurement capacity. Specifically- outside diameter, inside diameter, depth and step. All these measurements can also be calculated in both inches and millimeters. Simply by click of a button you can change these measurements from inches to millimeters. The Features helps when you are measuring depths and distances together.

  1. Customer Service

Valorbroas has one of the best customer services. Their executives are available and usually reply with 48 hours of you registering a query. With electronic devices such as these it is important to have a trustworthy customer service. You might never know when your device stops or starts giving up on you.

  1. Life time warranty.

Not many companies provide a lifetime warranty. This just proves the kind of trust Valorbroas has on its products. Products such as a calliper is a one time investment. One does not wish to invest in these products every other month or six months. Hence, a lifetime warranty always comes in handy. Obviously, the constraint being these warranties are more local. If you don’t have a Valorbroas service in your city or country it would be difficult to claim the warranty.

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What we like

The device is cheap, making it accessible for everyone in need. The body is well designed and marked accurately that promises durability and long life. The LCD display is useful, indicating accurate results. The accuracy of the device is also commendable. It is an excellent choice for daily usage.

Since it is lightweight and has compact dimension, it is extremely portable and can be carried around in small bags. The protective case is strong and offers 100% security.

It has an approachable customer service that responds to queries of its customers quickly.

What we don’t like

The device is electronic hence, carrying a risk of technical error in the measurements at any given point if time. The LCD panel is prone to scratches and damage, once damaged the device is of no use. The digital calipers are used very closely, the stainless steel body is strong and sharp that can lead to accidents and can hurt individuals.

It is not water or dust resistant thus, no guarantee on the water and damage prevention. The composition of the body also includes plastic which means it is not 100% durable. Batteries have to be changed every now and then which is an additional cost.

Device requires maintenance as couple of drops can really damage the display and ultimately altering the readings on the caliper.

It takes upto 48 hours to hear from Valorbroas which is a long time, when you are using a precision instrument.


Over all, the instrument is useful for individuals who use calipers for not very hectic work.

Measuring watches, screws, washers, flat surfaces, round surfaces, and many other parts is easy with the device. The instrument is to be handled with care. Take precautions, do not allow dust or water to get into the LCD display. Clear it once in a while.

Always keep the device in the case provided for better protection. Keep a backup of batteries, you never know when you run out of those.

So, if you are unsure of which digital caliper you want to go with or if you are looking for your first digital caliper, Valorbroas Digital caliper can be your perfect choice.

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