[Review] Tacklife DC01 Digital Caliper | 2021 | Buyer’s Guide


  • Great measuring range from 0-6 inches/ 150 mm
  • Easy-to-use caliper
  • Extra large LCD display
  • Water resistant body
  • Dust-resistant material
  • High-quality ABS body for long-lasting performance
  • Precise measurement with +-0.22 mm accuracy
  • Three measuring modes with inch/ mm and fraction
  • Can measure internal, external, depth, steps


  • Some users are complaining about the cheap material of this product.

Tacklife is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to buy a new digital tool for your professional needs. The company has a huge range of all types of digital tools to make manual tasks super easy. Automotive, carpenter tools, garden tools, hand tools and almost all the other types of tools are available from Tacklife. If you are searching for a digital caliper, then Tacklife’s DC01 Digital Caliper is the best option for you. It is the best 6 inch digital caliper by Tacklife. Let’s collect some more information about this product. 

What is a Digital Caliper? 

A digital caliper or an electronic caliper is a measurement tool used to measure accurate measurements. The digital caliper is the most recent innovation in the caliper technology where users can easily read out the measurement right from the LCD screen. 

Gone are the days when you have to use a lens to read out the data of the measurement on a Vernier caliper. With the digital caliper, you can easily measure out different objects or parts through the built-in digital screen. 

In digital caliper, the dialer indicator is replaced by an LCD screen to make the data reading more efficient and easy. The digital caliper is also known as electronic caliper in the industry. Most digital calipers are able to measure up to 0.01 mm. 

Tacklife DC01 6 Inch Digital Caliper Review: 

You may find out plenty of Tacklife Digital Caliper Reviews online but here, we have provided in-depth review of Tacklife’s this popular and best-selling DC01 model which is also highly recommended for professional use. 

It is designed for the professional use so that users can easily get their measurements done and get accurate measurements of the object or parts. It is very easy to use and provides accurate measurements with absolutely no errors. To know more about this Digital Caliper, we would like you to go through the list of its features first. 

Tacklife DC01 Digital Caliper: Key Features

Build Quality 

Tacklife is known for providing good quality products. The DC01 Digital Caliper is made from high-grade ABS materials which ensures great durability of the product. The Caliper uses different sensitive parts and for that reason, you need to use this caliper with a little extra care. You will not have any issues regarding the build quality or the materials of this product. The entire body is insulated with electrical materials. 

Easy-to-use functionality 

This digital caliper is there with an easy-to-use functionality where no special skills or knowledge is required. The digital caliper is designed to work for a range of applications with its different measurement modes. It can be used even by the toddler as there is no special requirements needed. It is so simple to use and fairly slow to read out the measurements. 


Just like an ordinary caliper, the Tacklife’s DC01 digital caliper also come with a handy design. It features a regular handy design which you can use with a single hand. The LCD screen and other parts are also located at the right place for a hassle-free use of the caliper. 

Three measuring modes 

Unlike the traditional Vernier calipers, this digital caliper features three different measuring modes I.e. Inch, fraction and millimeter. You can easily switch between these measuring modes by simply using the button located on the LCD screen. The LCD screen features this measuring mode button. You just need to press this button to change the measurement mode of this tool. 

Built-in LCD Screen 

Being the digital caliper, it features an extra-large LCD screen. Yes, this digital caliper features an easy-to-read LCD screen which is quite big in size for easy read of the measurements. The LCD screen is attached with the second rail of the caliper which features an easy hold design. 

Furthermore, the LCD screen features three buttons to change the measuring modes, on and off button and zero button. You can use these buttons to change the measuring modes or to turn on or turn off the caliper. The Zero mode is also very useful to get the accurate measurement results. 

Versatile Caliper 

This digital caliper is known for offering four different measurement modes. You can use this caliper for external measurement, internal measurement, depth measurement and step measurement. 

All these measurements can be done in real-time where you would get to see the accurate measurement on the main LCD screen. You just need to adjust the legs of the caliper and the measurement will be displayed on the screen. You can also keep an eye on the Vernier’s scale to see if the measurement is accurate or not. 

It’s a perfect tool for home users, DIY enthusiasts and for professional-use in the labs and industries where the accurate measurements of the parts and objects are needed. 

Built-in Zero Function 

Zero function is very important in the Caliper, the same function is available on this Caliper also. The feature is used to attain the measurement at any time you want. It re-calibrates the actual measurement for further accuracy. 


This Caliper is designed to make your life simpler. You don’t have to worry about turning on or turning off this caliper as it comes with an auto mode feature. You can easily turn on the caliper when you slide the rail. Just slide up the rail and the display will be on. If remain idle for 6 minutes, the caliper will automatically shut off which saves its battery life. 

High Precision 

Digital Calipers are high in demand as they deliver precise results compared to the traditional manual calipers. If we talk about the manual calipers, they are inaccurate as you can’t read out the measurement well. On the other hand, a digital caliper comes with 2-in-1 reading- through digital LCD screen as well as a measuring scale is also there. You can read out the measurement through the built-in LCD screen or through the measuring scale which is also present. 

The measurement range of this digital caliper is 0-6 inch/ 0- 150 mm. You can get the measuring data to shows at two decimals in millimeter or four decimals in inch with +-0.2mm of accuracy. With this accurate measurement, you can get more precise readings through this caliper. 

Battery-powered Caliper 

It’s a digital device which runs through a coin battery. Yes, the coin battery is included in the caliper to display the measurement data on the LCD screen. The coin battery can last for months or years which is also very reasonable in rates. The LCD screens back has a coin battery compartment. By unscrewing the cover, you can easily replace the battery if it is not showing up the measurements on the display.


Tacklife is one of the most trusted brands in the world with quality products. The company has been offering attractive discounts and warranties on their products which ensure good care for the consumers. This digital caliper is backed by the company’s 2 years of warranty. Yes, the device is backed by 24 months of warranty. If the caliper stops working or if you receive a damaged product, you can get it replaced or repaired under the warranty period. 

What’s Included in the Box? 

Tacklife’s 6-Inch Digital Caliper is comes assembled, you can easily start using this caliper by inserting the coin battery. You don’t need to buy anything extra to get this caliper working. 

If we talk about the box, you will get Tacklife DC01 Digital Caliper, a 3V battery I.e. coin battery. Since this caliper is backed by the company’s 2 years of warranty, a warranty card is also included in the box. 

Apart from this, the box also contains a user manual with all the useful instructions to get started with it. You can read out the instructions, follow the steps given in the user manual to start using it. All the modes, measuring modes, how to replace the battery and all the other queries with proper step by step guidelines are given in the instruction manual.

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