Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper Reviews | 2021

Dial caliper has been in the market for a long time and it is one of the reliable measuring tool. It is accurate and is easy to use and gets precise measurement of outside dimensions, inside dimensions and depth. If you have been looking out for a measuring tool then here is what I have for you- Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper.

Great to use and maintain. Does not require expert hand. Become handy easily. Comparing with the market price, Starrett is offering this caliper at a very nominal price with assured quality. I am here to help you understand the product before you buy it. In the first place, let us check out some features of Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper.It is versatile and gives the details of recorded measurement. As I said, this tool is nothing new and has been used by many metal work professionals for a long time now, probably decades. Since, it has been in the market for along time now, one can trust its design, reliability and accuracy.

Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper Features

  • 2 x 3.8 x 1.4 inches is the product dimension. It is important to note the product dimension as pictures in the internet may not correspond to the actual size of the product. Make sure you get a fine idea of how big caliper will be in your hand.
  • Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper helps in getting accurate measurement. It is useful for professional work. Some may use it in household stuff too. It is safe to use.
  • Starrett has provided lock screws which will help in easy usage and sliding actions with a dial bezel.
  • Thumb-operated fine adjustment roll is there so that you can adjust caliper according to need and requirements.
  • It is made up of stainless steel. Steel gives it a shiny attractive body. It prevents stains and rusting, keeping caliper new for a long time.
  • Along with caliper there are measuring surfaces, rack, gears and depth rod
  • Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper comes in an attractive case which will protect it. If you have friend who is into crafting then this box makes it a perfect gift too. Case is of good quality and prevents the tool from getting damaged. It keeps the insects and moisture away.
  • With the dialer it is easy to record measurement and the precision can be trusted. It gives details which one cannot observe with regular scales. For professionals and craft lovers it is important to have this one in tool box.

What People Are Saying about Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper?

Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper

The best way to find out about a product is to find out how well it has been received by public. I have found out some public reviews:

Buyers have liked this caliper. They find it nice and tight and well-designed that snaps at zero. Quite easy to operate.

On the contrary, gears and machine are not very well coated and appear flimsy to some buyers. Some products had ‘Made in China ‘written on it. Although China makes some wonderful and original products, it has become a taboo amongst buyers to dislike Chinese products. One cannot blame the consumers. There have been numerous cases of duplicity in Chinese products.

On the other Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper has been appreciated for the fact that it is a foreign product yet works great as any other American manufacture.‘I know people talk negatively about these because they’re built overseas, but for what I use them for, which is reloading, they’re great. If I was a machinist I might look at it differently, but the bottom line is, they work perfectly for me’. This is what Jason F had to say.

Looking at the tool it is impossible to find out the problems or the utility. I am here to help all of you with that:


  • Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper is easy to record. It helps in easy measurement and can be used by anybody with least of professional experience.
  • Dialer helps in good display. Recording the number become easy and the decimals can also be recorded which may be difficult with an ordinary measuring tool.


  • It has been said that the inner body of caliper is made with cheap quality material. Sometimes, buyers feel they have been compromised.
  • Since it is machine, it is important that there is care and cleaning done, which,not to mention, adds the work of users.

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