RUBEDER Stainless Steel Digital Caliper IP54 Review

If you are working in the industry where accurate measurements are required, then you must be familiar with the device called Caliper. In this fastest growing digital world, the devices have been redesigned with new technologies and we now have Digital Calipers for the same.

You don’t need to stress your eyes as the digital caliper will show you figures of the measurements on the screen. Rubeder is one of the most trusted brands in the market. Here, we have reviewed RUBEDER’s Digital Caliper IP54. The full product review is here with a list of its Pros and Cons.

Best 6-inch Digital Caliper by Rubeder : Detailed Review


  • Extra Large digital LCD display
  • Measures accurately with smooth gliding
  • Made from Stainless-Steel Material
  • Repeatable accuracy for everyday use
  • Automatic on-off function with 5 Minutes timer
  • Built-in Battery with an extra battery
  • Instructions Booklet included
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty on Product and its parts


  • There are no cons present in this advanced Electronic Caliper. It’s a perfect Caliper for all types of users including professional and home-based DIYers.

The IP54 Digital Caliper by RUBEDER is designed for the new-generation people who are more concerned about the quality of the devices thy purchase from the market. This digital caliper is made from high-grade Stainless-Steel Material which ensures great durability. It’s a Waterproof Digital Caliper allows you to use it worry-free even in the rainy season.

The caliper comes with two digital measuring modes with Inch or Millimeter. With just one button press, you can change the mode of measurement from Inch to Millimeter or from Millimeter to Inch. It also provides a good liquid resistance which protects the device from water drops etc.

Being a new-generation digitally enabled device, this Caliper provides accurate measurement results with a smooth function. It has fine stainless-steel finish making it look more catchy than ordinary calipers. It adds up more classy looks. It features knurled thumb roller and has a locking screw which make the sliding smoother. When in use, a user can easily slide up the roller and can measure things accurately.

Since it’s a digital Caliper it comes with a set of extra digital or we can say automatic features inside. It features an Auto Shut Off feature allowing users to shut off the Caliper automatically after five minutes of use. It also remembers the positions and will display the same numbers when turned on again. This feature saves the battery of the Caliper and will last of more months.

If we talk about the measurements, the Caliper comes with a measurement range of 0 – 6″ / 0 – 150mm with an accuracy of 0.001″ / 0.02mm at resolution of 0.0005″ / 1/128″ / 0.01mm. It is a highly recommended device by the experts working in the industry where highly accurate measurements are required.

The Digital Caliper features a large LCD screen making it easier for the users to read out the numbers and measurements easily. It features a four-way measurement function which provides four different modes of reading the measurements. The caliper offers external, internal, depth and step modes. You can easily select the reading mode and can start measuring using this Digital LCD display of the Caliper. Let’s understand how these measuring functions actually work.

Outside Diameter: With the sharp jaws, it quickly measures any small or large objects with full accuracy

Inside Diameter: As the name suggests, this function measures the internal diameter of the objects with sharp jaws

Depth Measurement: It comes with a long probe to measure the depth of the objects which can’t be reached easily. It can easily measure hard-to-reach depth of the objects.

Step Measurement: With the step design, this tool measures thickness of the objects easily. The thickness of any object will be displayed on the digital screen.

The device is rated with IP54 which makes it a water-resistance device. Splash water, water drops etc. can be handled easily by the device and it will not stop working with the water. Moreover, it is also resistant to Oil.

If you are a DIY user and love to create unique sculptures, furniture or creative decoration pieces, then this Digital Caliper can be your best companion and measuring things accurately. This device is also high in demand for the professional tasks.

The IP54 grade Stainless Steel Digital Caliper is one of the best-selling and highly recommended Caliper by the experts from various industries. The package of this Digital Caliper includes all types of accessories and tools to help the users measuring things perfectly.

What’s Included in the Box?

The manufacturer ships this Electronic and Digital Caliper with a sturdy protective case to store it securely. It comes with a built-in battery which is replaceable. You will also get a spare battery inside the package, so there will be two different batteries included in the package of this Digital Caliper by the manufacturer.

Mini Screwdriver for removing and replacing the battery is also included so that you can easily unscrew the battery compartment and can replace the battery.

  • Electronic Digital Caliper
  • Sturdy Plastic Case to store the Caliper safely
  • Built-in Button Battery
  • Extra replaceable Battery
  • Small Screwdriver for removing the battery compartment
  • Instructions Booklet to get started with it

Where to buy this RUBEDER’s Digital Caliper IP54?

RUBEDER’s Stainless-Steel Electronic Digital Caliper is available to purchase on Amazon. You can get more information about this device from the official listing on Amazon’s web page.

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