REXBETI Digital Caliper Reviews by Expert [2021]

Working as a lab professor I spend most of my time with calipers, gauges and a lot of other measuring instruments. Most of the instruments in my lab are latest and up to the mark except for the one tool that I had been using for a while, in fact had grown a fascination for; my verniercaliper. It was an old one with, now that I see it, really bad manual reading functions. After using it for almost 10 years, I knew it was time for a change and I was looking for a new, more morden and enhanced caliper with big bright displays and high accuracy. It was then when my colleague suggested REXBETI Digital Caliper. I searched online and did a little bit of research to find REXBETI Digital Caliper customer reviews filled with appreciation and positive moments. I didn’t hesitate for a second and right away bought it off Within the next few days I had the caliper in my hand and boy was it an exciting surprise. 

I have been using the product for more than a year now. If you are also looking for a caliper especially this Rexbeti caliper and seem confused if you should go for it or not? Well, don’t worry here are my rexbeti digital caliper reviews that include its features, pros and cons that will help you make a strong decision about this caliper.

About Rexbeti Brand

Before we talk more about Rexbeti’s caliper let’s look at Rexbeti itself. After all, brands play an important role when we think about making a purchase. Rexbeti is one of the most recognized names in the tools manufacturing and distributing market. From hand tools to power tools, painting supplies and more, it is an overall winner when it comes down to high quality products. Rexbeti manufactures and supplies across a number of regions including America, Japan, France and England. Amidst its wide array of products, REXBETI Digital Caliper has seen a great number of appreciation.

You can easily buy REXBETI Digital Caliper online from websites like 

REXBETI Digital Caliper Features:

If you read REXBETI Digital Caliper reviews online you will easily learn that the product is packed with a number of useful features that can go a long way in helping you take accurate measurements in everyday life. Apart from the general already mentioned features, here are some that really helped me. 

  • Separate Batteries: It is one thing to receive the product, it’s another thing to start using it right away. The pack comes with external batteries that you can simply install in the device and start working. Really great. 
  • Stainless Steel body: The sheer weight if the device makes you feel like it is not a cheap product but a heavy-duty tool. One of the reasons why REXBETI Digital Caliper customer reviews is so positive. 
  • IP54 protection: In other words, can be used in water or around dust with no hassle at all. 
  • A large display: Accurate results in a large display that allows easy reading. 
  • Hard plastic case box: Provides the extra pit of protection and makes it highly portable. 


There are a number of positive aspects to this device that one cannot miss. 

  1. Very pocket friendly. 
  2. Premium design
  3. Long battery life 
  4. The hard plastic case provides maximum protection. 
  5. Easily to carry. 
  6. Provides accurate measurement 
  7. Easy to convert measurements (mm/inch/Fraction) 
  8. Can measure in all 4 ways (outside, inside, step and depth)


Every product no matter however good has its own set of cons that one might not notice right off the bat but after frequent use. 

  • It is quite heavy. 
  • The screwdriver that comes with the box is not very sturdy. 


At the end of the day, REXBETI Digital Caliper is a sweet surprise that you are definitely going to love as soon as you start using it. From its design to the features, the product is worth every penny you send and mind you that you are not spending a lot to start with. If you purchase the product online from popular e-commerce sites like, you should be able to grab a hearty discount. This caliper can be used by any and everyone doesn’t matter if you are a student or working in a specific sector. From steel to health and science, this digital caliper is perfect for use in sorts of areas. 

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