RCBS Electronic 87323 Digital Calliper Review | Features, Pros and Cons


  • Instant Easy reading
  • User-Friendly
  • Durable Tool-Life
  • Easy to read LED screen


  • The jaw can get rigid sometimes

When it comes to precise measuring nothing can get it done better for you than a digital caliper. In fact, it is also one of the most sought-after handy tools for engineers. When it comes to choosing the best digital caliper one of the names that usually pops up everywhere is the RCBS electronic 87323 digital caliper.

So, we have decided to put the RCBS Electronic Digital Calliper to the test. After hours of inspection, reviewing we have come up with a comprehensive review to help you decide.

If you were looking for the RCBS Digital caliper reviews, then look no further form this article. We have put together the features, pros and cons and whether it is the right digital caliper for you or not right here.

RCBS Electronic 87323 Digital caliper Review

With the RCBS electronic 87323 digital calipers, you can be assured of a reasonable price. You get a good hardened stainless steel make and the LED screen makes it very easy to read.

In terms of the depth, exterior, interior and steps, you get a precise easy to use measuring caliper. You can seamlessly move between metric and imperial measuring. So, you could use this digital caliper anywhere for any reading of your comfort.

And, if you have issues with reading the measurement on Dial and Vernier calipers, the RCBS electronic 87323 digital calipers would be the perfect choice to fix that problem for you. Users of this digital caliper by RCBS has noted the high accuracy in measurements right up to 1000th of an inch too.

With the locking feature, you would be speeding up the multiple measure readings too.

The only issue that most users have pointed out is that, if you don’t turn it off, the battery is going to get drained. But the calibration is very good with this digital caliper.

But, one of the best parts of the digital calipers by RCBS is their customer service. You can be assured a working replacement for any manufacturer’s defects.

RCBS Electronic 87323 Digital caliper – Features

For the price it comes for, you get a lot of amazing features to work with.

Here are the features for the RCBS Electronic Digital Calliper

  • Hard and strongstainless-steel body
  • One-touch switching from inches to millimetres
  • Range of 0-6″ or 0-150mm
  • Accuracy+/0.001″ or 0.02mm
  • Adjusts to zero to any position
  • Jaw depth is about 1 1/2″ outside, 5/8″ inside
  • Lock hold sliderto position for measuring constants
  • One replaceable 1.55-volt SR44W silver oxide battery
  • Indicates low battery
  • Well fit plastic case for storage

Final Note

If are looking for an affordable digital caliper but do not want to compromise on quality, then the RCBS Electronic Digital caliper is going to be your best bet on the market.

And, if you clean it well and take care of it, it will also last a very long time. So, you can easily go through the above features and review and decide if the RCBS Electronic Digital Calliperis the right choice for your measuring requirements.

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