OEM 25363 6-Inch Digital Caliper Review | Features, Pros, and Cons

A digital caliper is one of the most useful things as an engineer that you would need. You can be a DIY project worker or a professional. A digital caliper is set to help take measurements. It makes your work easier and accurate.

Imagine taking a wrong measurement and not having your parts fit.

Your project is not going to come outright.

The market is full of options for digital calipers for you so we found the very best one. OEM 25363 6-Inch Digital Caliper boasts for you 5 stars on Amazon. And customers are raving about the success rate.

We choose this digital caliper after weeks of tests and reviews.

Here is what we found for you.

OEM Tools Digital Caliper | Why it is Worth Your Buy?

The OEM Digital Caliper comes to you with a 6 inch in size.

You get a stainless-steel to make with a super large LCD screen display. So you can read the measurements right.

Moreover, it omits all your inaccuracies in your project measurements so you don’t have to look over again and again.

We found in our OEM 6-Inch Digital Caliper reviews that you get to measure the exterior, interior. Including with that, you get accurate step measurements too.

You get a 0-6″ range (0-150 mm) giving absolute control over your project.

And, you get a thumb wheel locking device, to zero down your measurement.

OEM Tools Digital Caliper is famous for making state of the art digital calipers. You would not be wasting a penny when you buy it.

That we can vouch for.

OEM Electronic Digital Caliper | Features

When it comes to features, you are getting the very best in the market at the best price too.

What customers who bought it had to say-

“I’ve bought this model for years for my quality inspectors. And for years it works for the annual calibration by a NIST traceable lab.”

The OEM Tools Digital Caliper gets you a unique design. Both for you double and single flare. You can use it for copper, aluminum, soft steel brakes. And. You can use it for brass tubing up until 45 degrees.

The chrome swivel you get is of alloy steel. That reduces all friction for you. And, your forged yoke is of treated steel.

Moreover, it gives you the best usability in measuring for your projects nonetheless.

OEM Electronic Digital Caliper | Specifications

We listed down the specifications for you below-

  • 0-6″ Range (0-150 mm)
  • Large LCD Display
  • Hardened Stainless Steel
  • Zeroing Feature included
  • Comes with a Battery (LR44)
  • Weight – 11 ounces (You can carry it around to your work station)
  • Size- 6-7.9 inches
  • Warranty – Limited manufacturer’s warranty included

OEM Tools Digital Caliper | Pros & Cons

In our OEM 25363 6-Inch Digital Caliper reviews, we found the following list of os comparisons.

You can decide whether it is the best fit for you.


  • Your measuring range is up to 6 inches
  • User convenient product
  • Made of stainless steel
  • You get a protective case


Some customers have said that zeroing down can be difficult.

Our Verdict | Should You Buy It?

In our OEM 6-Inch Digital Caliper reviews, we found you something unique. You would find that the OEM 25363 6-Inch Digital Caliper is your beginner’s buddy.

You can use it for your home projects and little heavy duty ones too.

However, it is a good OEM electronic digital caliper for you start off with.

But, if you are a heavy duty professional this may not be the right fit but a good one for you start with.

We would suggest you start your beginner’s luck with this OEM Electronic Digital Caliper. It comes at the right price and it gets your DIY home projects done well.

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