Mitutoyo 500-196-20 Digimatic Digital Caliper – Reviews

We’ve hit on some broad and very diverse areas of calipers on the Mitutoyo Calipers site but we’d like to get back to the specifics here and write an informative article on a digital caliper that we thought could use some attention.  We decided on this product because we thought the price was in the right range for someone’s first real digital caliper and it has some great features.

Firstly, we’re talking about the Mitutoyo 500-196-20 Digimatic Digital Caliper.  It is one of Mitutoyo’s original “MyCal Ez Digimatic” calipers.  The reading this device gives is from an absolute zero rather than at the last at-rest position making for a much easier to use measuring device.  The caliper is made from very durable and hardened stainless steel that will protect its components no matter where you use it in the workshop.  It uses what Mitutoyo calls its “Absolute linear encoder technology” which gives you the ability to set it and forget the origin measurement and take measurements in awkward or normally troublesome locations.

This measuring device has a .295 inch by 7.55 LCD screen and easy to use and reach function control buttons.  It has the ability to convert between metric and inches, origin set point, and an on/off button and an automatic turn off feature that will shut off after 30 minutes to save battery life.

The ability to make exact precise measurements comes standard with the dial and vernier calipers but with this instrument you simply can read the measurement much easier.  There is no mistaking at what interval you are at, which can sometimes happen if looking at the reading from a backwards perspective.  This LCD screen shows plain as day in large numbers what the measurement is.  The Absolute system we mentioned earlier tracks the origin point that you set yourself even after shutting off the device so you never have to worry about losing where your measurements were.  You can take a break and come right back to where you were without worrying about errors or resetting.  Having this feature also lets you zero out at a first measurement to find the difference between two measurements without having to subtract the first measurement.  Simply measure your first distance, zero out the caliper, and measure the second and it will display the difference between the two.

Let’s get into some of the specifications of this caliper:

  • Has the ABSOLUTE electrostatic capacitance linear encoder
  • Weights 1 lb
  • Has four way measurement capability: Outer Diameter [OD], Inner Diameter [ID], step, and depth
  • The Jaw Depth is 1.60 inches
  • Jaw range is zero to six inches
  • The resolution of the LCD screen is .0005 inches by .01 millimeters
  • Accuracy is rated plus or minus .001 inches by .02 millimeters
  • Origin Setting
  • Zero Setting
  • Inch to Metric conversion
  • On / Off / auto shut off
  • Alarm alert for low voltage/scale contamination/composition errors
  • rolling thumb wheel
  • thumb screw lock
  • Uses silver oxide cell battery – lasts for 20k hours (3 1/2 years)

There you have it folks, our very first product review.  We haven’t used this product ourselves but we wanted to outline all the best features of one of the better products our research dug up.

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