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Everything from the most amazingly designed construction to a small tiny nib of a pen is all about the measurement and right way of building it. We may have looked up with total astonishment at people who work in these jobs, based on such jobs, for their dedication and efforts in getting the work perfectly done. It is definitely not that easy and requires a lot of focus and efforts. To ease their efforts and ensure best work, devices like calipers are used for measurement. On that note, you would be further reading about one of the best electronic calipers in the market that I would suggest – INSIZE 1108 – 150 electronic caliper.

Here you are at the right place to read about the INSIZE 1108-150 digital caliper review giving you the best information like exclusive features, important pros and cons about the product that should be considered before buying the product.

INSIZE 1108 – 150  Features:

So, what is so special about this product?

To begin with the INSIZE 1108-150 electronic digital caliper review, here are some of the features of this electronic caliper that would serve as the best factors for you decide on this product and buy it at the earliest:

  1. Handheld electronic digital caliper:

Gone are the times, where you would have to run in circles finding the accurate reading of anything that you have just measured. This product with the demanded and much needed digital reading meter that showed the precise reading of anything you measure and hold within the jaws for giving you an accurate measurement. I could easily measure external and internal distances with the help of this electronic digital caliper that showed precise readings. The reading is shown in a numeric value as the jaw is slid towards the main steel scale to contain the object for measurement.

  1. Accurate to 0.0005” (0.01mm) resolution:

Measuring large objects is no big task these days and there are a lot of measurement tools and devices that have been discovered to make this work easy. We often find it quite difficult to measure small objects and this electronic caliper, being one of the best digital caliper by INSIZE, makes your job much easier. With this caliper, I could easily measure the smallest object that is almost 0.01mm or 0.0005” for its clear-cut digital reading of the measurement of the object. 

  1. Automatic On/off and manual zero reset/ inch or mm buttons:

One of the most distinct and unique INSIZE 1108-150 caliper features of this product that I got to notice was that it has an automatic turning off and on feature. Once the measurement is done, the digital reading meter turns off automatically within a few seconds. And when it is picked up again or when the unit is moved for another measurement, it turns on back immediately with no manual switching required. Although, there is a manual button that comes in this caliper for manually switching the reading on/ off. Apart from this, this electronic caliper also comes with a zero-reset button, on clicking which, the reading is reset back to 0 for new measurement. Also, there is a button above the digital reading monitor that could be used to change the readings from inches to millimetres. I personally love this feature more specifically because of the power saving that is possible and battery health of the digital monitor that is highly saved. 

  1. Stainless steel body with LCD screen:

In this electronic caliper, the main body of the scale is made of stainless steel, that helps in showing the perfect reading of the measurements for the user. Also, this INSIZE electronic caliper, as the name of the product suggests, comes with a digital LCD screen for projecting the readings. What’s better than having a LCD screen to precisely project readings without you having to manually take notes of reading by straining your eyes and looking at minute measurements in the scale? Yes, this would definitely be the right product for you. 

  1. Has the DIN862 International standards:

Any product and more specifically products like these based on measurements should have a base standard that is internationally followed and approved, right? On that note, DIN862 are certain international standards set for the specifications like length, breadth and other important details involved in designing the caliper. It is much guaranteed that this product is calibrated and designed as per these international standards. Assured that the readings taken from the caliper is of most accuracy as per international DIN862 standards.

  1. LR44 Batteries:

The battery used for the electronic LCD screen monitor that projects the readings uses a LR44 Alkaline battery that is of high quality and commonly preferred for many electronic devices. There are two batteries used in this device for the screen. This type of battery is commonly referred to as the button cell battery in the market.

  1. Fitted storage case:

Who would want a product that just is delivered to your home with basic packaging? For products like electronic calipers, without proper packing, there are a lot of chances for it to be destroyed and damaged. This electronic caliper comes with a special storage case that could be used to keep the device when not in use. In this case, you could find the Manufacturing Inspection certificate that is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for the electronic caliper.

  1. SPC data transfer:

It is quite a known fact that many people using such calipers for certain measurements have to manually take note of the measurements and then use it for further requirements. To break this routine, this best digital caliper by INSIZE, comes with an option for Data transfer from the electronic reading monitor to another system as per Statistical Process Control (SPC). This could be done via connecting a USB cable with the device to a system and thus transfer of data could be done. This package does not come with a USB cable and so, the cable has to be purchased separately.

  1. Available as a single piece as well as pack of 2, 3, 4 and 5:

This product by INSIZE not only comes as a single piece, but is also available in packs of 2,3,4 and 5 with varied rates for each pack accordingly. No products found. Therefore, these are some of the most noticeable and best INSIZE 1108-150 caliper features based on which I would definitely recommend to buy INSIZE 1108-150 online.  You can also use this caliper for reloading.

INSIZE 1108-150 caliper pros and cons 

Take anything in the world and it would have its own advantages and disadvantages. The INSIZE 1108 – 150 digital caliper review is sure to be incomplete without talking about the pros and cons. On that note, the pros and cons of this caliper are explained here – 


  • Provides the best and most accurate measurements for the user in inches as well as millimetres. One could always trust this device for giving the best readings as per international DIN862 standards.
  • Has two upper jaws for making the best internal measurements and two lower jaws for making the best external measurements with the help of a digital LCD screen that shows precise measurement readings.
  • User friendly and much easy to operate with simple operations.
  • Comes with 3 simple buttons – on/off button for manually switching on/off the device, zero-reset button for setting the reading to zero for new measurement after a reading is done and inch/mm button for switching between the projection of reading in inches and millimetres.
  • Not just this, this electronic caliper also has the most exclusive feature of automatic on/off where the digital monitor turns off after a few seconds after usage and turns back on when moved from its position automatically.
  • Has the amazing feature to transfer data from the device to any system by connecting both the devices with a USB cable. 


It is quite unusual if a product does not have any cons/disadvantages. So, some of the cons of this electronic caliper are – 

  • This INSIZE 1108-150 electronic caliper is not coolant proof. This means that this caliper is not much resistant to the coolant fluid, dust, water ingress (that is rated to IP65) and other external factors that may contribute to the deterioration of the product. 
  • It also does not have a thumb roller that provides easy movement of the slider over the main body of the scale.
  • Also, there is no USB cable that comes with the package of this product, for transfer of data from the device to other devices. This means that the cable has to be purchased separately.


And so, the aforementioned points are certain important features, pros and cons of the product that have to be considered before deciding to buy INSIZE 1108-150 online. I would definitely recommend having a thorough understanding of the purpose that this device would be serving you and choosing the most suitable caliper based on your needs and requirements. With this INSIZE 1108-150 electronic digital caliper review, it is guaranteed that this is one of the best in the market for its digitalized usage and simple to use technology that attracts the user in buying it.  No products found.

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