iGaging ABSOLUTE ORIGIN 0-6 Digital Electronic Caliper Review 2021

iGaging Digital Electronic Caliper is one among the most popular and highly used digital measurement tool by many people all over the world. In this iGaging caliper review, we are about to provide you with every other details regarding the caliper along with its own pros and cons.

The iGaging ABSOLUTE ORIGIN 0-6 Digital Electronic Caliper has a super high memory technology that lets the device measure any kind of object, irrespective of its size.

Once the caliper is turned on, the LCD display shall project the actual sensor position, making it possible for the user to take a measurement at ease.

Also, there is no need to reset the caliper to zero before working on different objects, as the device itself resets once you tend to restart or turn it off.

There are various types of iGaging Digital Caliper manufactured, yet, this particular 0-6  iGaging caliper is the best tool to measure any object that ranges between 150mm.

iGaging ABSOLUTE ORIGIN 0-6 Pros and Cons


  • Large and bright LCD display to read the measurements even on a board day light
  • Reverses back to zero at ease
  • Precise and accurate reading
  • Excellent plastic storage that can protect the calipers from falling off
  • The sliding motion is ultra smooth to handle
  • Has an extra battery included with the device


  • Slides tend to loosen up at times
  • No Auto-Off features


Water and dust resistance: iGaging Calipers are known for having IP54 protection, which means that they can be used even when the device is exposed to severe dust and water. Although the caliper is said to be withstand water, it is highly advised not to leave the caliper into water for a prolonged time.

Accuracy: Unlike other digital calipers that tend to show a variation when it comes to measuring an object, this particular digital caliper works perfect and ends in displaying the exact measurement that you are in need of.

Battery life: The digital caliper is located with a 3V CR2032 size battery. On a normal usage, the battery shall run for two continuous years. This type of battery life shall never be met with other digital calipers that are out there for sale on the market. Also, the caliper has a low battery indication notification that can let you known when the battery is about to drain out.

USB cable: The USB cable can be used for taking computerized measurements. It has an SPC output that lets the users transfer the measured data either to their computer or to any other electronic device to which the caliper has been connected.

iGaging vs Mitutoyo Digital Caliper

iGaging vs Mitutoyo is the comparison most people do before purchasing iGaging Digital calipers online. Although both these devices are known for providing best usage environment, the iGaging takes the lead with their four years of warranty period, while Mitutoya provides only one year of warranty to their users.


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