FineSource Electronic Digital Caliper Reviews 2021

Science labs, steel and medical sector or the aviation sector, there is an obligation for precision in everyone of these industries. Even a paltry alteration of measurements can change the entire calculation and development of a products. The vernier caliper now digitized and called as the digital caliper is an instrument found on every individual from these industries. It provides precise measurements of distance and depth. Among many other digital caliper one that I prefer is the FineSource Electronic Digital Caliper.

Features of the FineSource Electronic Digital Caliper Include:

  1. Carbon Fiber Gauge

As opposed to many digital calipers the Fine Source Electronic Digital Caliper is designed out of carbon fiber. Stronger and light at the same time, I can easily carry it around in my bag or pocket without worrying about breakage or damage to the body. It can easily over power traditional materials like stainless steel. The body comes in cheap hence, making its overall cost less than other calipers.

  1. LCD Screen

FineSource Electronic Digital Caliper is equipped with a large LCD screen, displaying all your measurements accurately. I now don’t have to squeeze my eyes and read the microscopic reading anymore. The qualifications are easily visible on a big LCD screen.

  1. Automatic off feature.

This feature comes in very hand. People like me who have a tendency of leaving the instruments on after usage, the automatic off feature proves helpful. It ultimately saves battery and contributes to a long lasting life of the electronic caliper. Calipers are used by students in many schools and colleges for educational purposes, they too have  a tendency of leaving the caliper on post use and not every lab guy can keep a check on all the calipers. If not this feature, the institutes would lose a significant amount of money in frequently buying new batteries for the calipers.

  1. Measuring Range:

The FineSource Electronic Digital Caliper comes with a precision of 0 – 6″ and 0 – 150mm. Making it extremely accurate. The feature comes in handy specially in the aviation industry where small motors and tools are devised, it is extremely important to be impeccably accurate.

  1. Zero setting at any position

The zero setting button on the caliper proves to be very important. Easily interchangeable lengths and setting zero at any point during the measurement are jewels to the instrument.

FineSource Electronic Digital Caliper Inch/Metric Conversion 0-6 Inch/150 mm...

Buying Guide

There are numerous ways to acquire the FineSource Electronic Digital Caliper. Physically visiting a store or ordering it from a retailer are to name a few. However, I prefer the digitized way. I bought this one off the internet, from Amazon. With a discounted price from that of the market, i got a great deal off it. I ordered it on prime basis and the delivery guy was knocking at my door the next morning. The package included a hard molded plastic case, the Caliper and extra batteries. With this kind of price tag, I got more than I expected actually.


The LCD screen, the carbon fiber body and more. There are numerous reason for you to choose the FineSource Electronic Digital Caliper. Primarily, because of its pocket friendly rate. In comparison to other digital calipers it comes very cheap. Provides a strong and long lasting body and the large screen allows a crystal clear display of the measurements even in the dark. It is an excellent instrument for daily usage.


With every product you buy there will always be something bad and alot of good attached to it. Same is the case with the FineSource Electronic Digital Caliper. The Calipers precision ratio is not up to the mark with many other digital calipers providing a precision of up to 0.01 mm. The lack of a power button can sometimes lead to unexpected battery drainage. You never know when your battery dies. The LCD panel is prone to damage if dropped in extreme conditions. If the internal gauge that controls the fiction breaks, the entire instrument might just come falling down. Being an electronic device, it can stop working at any point of time and you might not even know the cause. Batteries are again one of the biggest downers. It is a long time investment. For as long as you have the instrument, you will have to maintain it and refuel it with new batteries every now and then.


FineSource Electronic Digital Caliper, is cheap, reliable and very efficient. It is recommended by many and has slowly become a crowd favorite.

This kind of caliber can easily be used in places like science labs, schools and colleges where there are a lot of chances of damage. The strong body and cheap price (especially on can come in handy. So, don’t think much. If you are on a low budget and looking out for a new digital caliper, go for the FineSource Electronic Digital Caliper.

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