[Review] EAGems Digital Caliper IP54 Protection 2021

Physically reading the microscopic lines on your vernier caliper can sometimes lead to inaccurate results. EA Gem’s digital caliper provides extremely accurate results (accuracy of up to 0.01mm) while calculating the internal and external distances. Implementation of the instrument is fairly simple as opposed to a normal vernier caliper, just turn on the LCD panel and slide the inner jaw across the scale to measure distances.

The EAGems digital Caliper comes with a moulded hard plastic case, batteries and a small screwdriver.

I switched to digital caliber simply because of my weak eyesight that resulted in poor judgement during my times with the vernier caliper.


EA Gems digital caliper is anytime better than a regular vernier caliper with a little extra cost you can get a useful instrument which is going to last with you forever, I say this because of its stainless steel body.

Compared to other digital calipers, EA gems gives a larger screen, a physical power button for the preservation of your batteries and comes at a discounted rate. Oh! The 2-year warranty and a free guide when you register is a plus as well.


Obviously, not every product can be perfect. It’s the same with EA Gem Vernier Caliper. The instrument is almost perfect. There are chances of damage to the LCD panel if it falls harshly. One can fall hostile to the batteries against the usual vernier caliper that are physically used and doesn’t rely heavily on technology.

If the caliper is not something you would use daily, spending big bucks from your pocket is unnecessary. Rather go with a general vernier caliper.

Having to change batteries after a given point of time is an extra cost one needs to incur throughout the digital calipers life cycle. Hence, looking at the bigger picture, it is not actually a one-time investment.

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EA Gems Digital Caliper Special Features

Reasons why you specifically go for the EA Gem’s digital caliper among other is for its special features which I am going to list as follows:

  1. Rugged Stainless Steel body

A rugged stainless steel body of EA Gems digital Caliper always counts for a long lasting service and better grip. Continuous use of the caliper in water will not lead to any corrosion on the body. In extreme atmospheric conditions, the stainless steel makes it effortless to use.

  1. IP54 Water Resistant

From science labs to the steel sector, the caliper is highly used to measure depth. With an LCD panel attached to the body, there is always a risk of damage. However, the EA Gems digital caliper is IP54 water resistant. This makes it easier for me to use it around water. It also provides protection against dust and other microscopic particles that might enter the machine and tweak the readings on the display. This feature is particularly helpful in the aerospace and aviation sector.

  1. Electronic Measuring Tool

Unlike the usual vernier caliper, the EA Gem Digital Caliper is digitized. All the measurement are generated electronically which makes the reading up to 0.01 mm accurate. This comes in handy in situations where teaching accurate results with your naked eye is difficult. For instance, meaning the depth of an object during a rigid science experiment, the mask and protective gears can alter our judgement. The digital caliper is equipped with a metric button, a locking screw and a zero setting. Making calculation and recalculation straightforward.

  1. Automatic On/ Off button

I have a fair amount of experience when it comes to using digital calipers. What’s wrong with a lot of calipers is not having a power button? Hence, you don’t know when your battery will die. However, the things are a little different with the EA Gem digital caliper. It’s on/ off switch, helps save batteries. I know for a fact now that I will never wake up to dead batteries when I need my caliper the most.

  1. Measuring SAE and Metric Parts

Many times we are required to calculate measurements in a different unit of lengths. Stocking divergent tools for each of these measurements can be a little hectic. EA Gem digital caliper is quickly convertible into inches, millimeters and fractions.

  1. Customer Service

I have rarely seen companies that produce such instruments providing customer service. EA Gems follows up on messages and helps with tips and tricks on how we can enhance our usage of the instrument. Now, that’s new!

Customer Reviews about EA Gems Digital Caliper

There have been mixed reviews of this product.

However, many vouching for the product. Users like myself have found it easy to use, providing excellent results. EA Gems digital caliper checks all the boxes of precision, customer support, packaging and more. Although it costs a little extra, its features are worth the bucks.


From packaging to the actual product itself, EA Gems being a family company really tries to integrate every possible manner in which the digital caliper can be proved useful. It encompasses a 360-degree support, from customer support to a bigger LCD screen. It seems that the company has read the market and developed an effective and useful product. I would recommend EA Gems to individuals who use the caliper on a daily basis.

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