Clockwise Tools DCLR-0605 Digital Caliper Reviews 2021

Clockwise Tools DCLR-0605 Digital Caliper is the best caliper in the market both in quality and price. This high quality digital caliper is all you need to get the perfect measurement for all the professional jobs that require accuracy. It may be useful in some household work too. As for crafters, this is a must have.  

Made with superb quality steel this caliper will be worth the price. If you are looking for a caliper then Clockwise Tools DCLR-0605 Electronic Digital Caliper is the answer. Here, in this write-up I am going to tell you everything you need to know from buying a caliper to using it and keeping it in good condition. But first let us check out all the features it has

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  • Perfect accuracy and easy to use. Suited for both professional and household use.
  • Caliper needs no expert hand to operate.


  • Needs cleaning and care.
  • May need early battery change than expected


  • There is a finished body which make caliper look shiny and attractive and an attractive tool adds to motivation. It is new processing of depth meter’s groove which helps in smooth gliding action. Accuracy is never compromised with Clockwise Tools DCLR 6 Inch Digital Caliper.
  • Measure Range: 0-6 inches/150mm; Display: 3/4″x 2″.
  • Product dimension is 9.2 x 1.5 x 0.5 inches. As I always mention, checking out the dimension is important as the buyer must be having an idea of how big the tool would be. Sometimes it’s too small while other times it becomes big to handle. Pictures on the internet could be deceiving.
  • LCD screen display will help in noting down the recorded measurement. With caliper that does not have a display, it becomes quite difficult to take the measurement. Clockwise Tools DCLR Digital Caliper displays even the decimals points. Works can be minute and you cannot mess up the details when it comes to precision. Get this caliper and give your work the professional edge it deserves.
  • Accuracy is vital again.Clockwise Tools DCLR-0605 Digital Caliper gives an accuracy of ±0.001″/0.03mm.
  • Resolution is 0.0005″/0.01mm; 1/128″.
  • RS232 Data transfer is possible through a DTCR-02 Data cable.
  • Comes with one extra battery. Do not worry if caliper starts to work slowly. Just change the battery and continue your work. Battery 3V, CR2032.
  • The product is made in US and ensures best quality.
  • Other things that comes with package of Clockwise Tools DCLR-0605 Digital Caliper are Grey box, one installed 3V, CR2032 battery; one spare battery and a User guide.
  • I know you love colors. This caliper comes in White, Grey, and Purple. Choose your favorite color and start your professional work or go DIY with it.
  • Holiday season is approaching. Why not give our innovative friend or a family member this cool gift. I believe we must gift something that is usable daily. This is a fine gift with all the utility.

What People Saying..

Let see what the consumers are saying about this product. Knowing buyers view will help in making correct decision. I would suggest you to go through the reviews. But do not wander here and there. I have tried my best to sum up the public response for Clockwise Tools DCLR-0605 Digital Caliper in the section below:

This caliper has been well received by many people and some swear by its quality and reliability. Buyers suggest this caliper on various public platforms. Grinding and sliding action is smooth and no complaint of increasing friction has been notified yet.

As for people who have bought it for DIY, it is easy to use and comes handy. Does not have elaborate setting and records measurement easily and displays on a large screen. It is definitely an improvement to the inch tape you have dangling about from shelf, at home.

Some buyers have given 5 stars to the product and say that Clockwise Tools DCLR-0605 Electronic Digital Caliperdeserves more than that. Giving repeatable measurement over and over again, it eliminates much of the hassle.

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