Calipers : Different Type , Why Do People Use ?

Calipers come in different varieties and levels of sophistication and are used when precise measurements are needed. Many professions such as machinists, physicians and staff, navigators, mechanical and architectural engineers, just to name a few, would find their job very difficult or even impossible without them. Following is a high level overview of the different calipers types.

First Of All,What Is A Caliper?

The definition of a caliper by Wikipedia, “A caliper (British spelling also calliper) is a device used to measure the distance between two symmetrically opposing sides. A caliper can be as simple as a compass with inward or outward-facing points. The tips of the caliper are adjusted to fit across the points to be measured, the caliper is then removed and the distance read by measuring between the tips with a measuring tool, such as a ruler”.

Type of Calipers

The various types of calipers include: Inside, Divider, Oddleg, Vernier, Dial, and Digital.

o Inside – Used to measure the inside of objects like; a pipe, cylinder bore, etc.

o Outside – Used to measure the outside of objects such as outside pipe diameter.

o Divider – Used to mark out work pieces. The points are sharpened so they act as scribes.

o Oddleg – Usually used to scribe a line from a set distance from the edge of a workplace.

o Vernier – These calipers include a measuring scale on the handle which can be in either metric or inch.

o Dial – An improvement over the Venier caliper in that it also includes a dial gauge with finer increments of scales.

o Digital Calipers – A further improvement over the Dial in that the dial scale is now replaced with an electronic digital display from which the reading is displayed.

The earliest history of a caliper was found in a ship wreck in the 6th century. This wooden piece had fixed and moveable jaws. The Venier caliper came into existence around the 1600s by the French scientist Pierre Vernier. As you can see calipers have evolved from early days of wooden to the current days of digital through the use of current day technology.

Why Do People Use Digital Caliper?

When you require a device to measure the thickness of various materials accurately you can use a digital caliper. Calipers are designed to measure in thousandth of an inch of various metric measurements like millimeters, centimeters etc. These are one of the most commonly used devices for measuring objects precisely for various kinds of jobs.

The most important use of the caliper is in metalwork. Jobs which require the precise measurements of objects make use of the device to measure the thickness of materials like metal sheets or ribbons etc. It would be really impractical to use a scale etc to measure the thickness of the sheets. In such cases a digital caliper is used.

One important field which uses the caliper to a great extent is automobiles. You can always find that each technician has a caliper in his tool box. For example, a technician uses it to measure the width of piston rings etc to make sure that they are of the correct size and can be used for the respective work. When the parts are correctly manufactured there will be no problem with the products.

People who build various items as a hobby also make use of the caliper to ensure that the parts are properly manufactured. The digital read out on the device makes it very easy to find the reading without any errors unlike finding the reading with the help of the conventional calipers.

Digital calipers are very useful in different kinds of industries. All kinds of people from homeowners to engineers make use of this device. They are highly precise to about 0.0001 inches. Good quality calipers are made of high grade stainless steel. There are two kinds of calipers, one used for internal measurement and other for external purposes. Make sure that you buy the right one according to your requirement.

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