Best Digital Caliper for Reloading 2019 – Reviews, Buyer Guide

Digital Calipers are the choice of the hour and are extensively used in professional carpentry and other purposes. They are true to their course and offer you the exact service as per expectations.


PositionVisualTool NameCheck Price
1.Neiko 01407A
2.Mitutoyo 500-196-30
7.Carrera Precision CP9806

Best Digital Calipers for Reloading of 2019

Digital Caliper for ReloadingContemporary Digital Calipers have a lot to offer. There are different variants in Digital Calipers that you can choose from. But the thing is, they can be used for numerous purposes when we know how to use them.

Digital Calipers are used to take measurements of the most difficult surfaces easily. The not only provide Inside, Outside and Depth Measurements, but also have the unique capability to convert the units from English to Metric. Hence, this could also be considered as one of the reasons as to why there is a need for the Digital Calipers for Reloading.

Besides these, the Digital Calipers offer you the ease to set up them to zero, anywhere throughout the bar. The high-end models of Digital Calipers have the ability to input and store the required data of the readings. They are materialized with the memory storage facility. Also, some of them use the newest of the technologies, that they are designed with the proficiency of sending the readings measured, to the computer system connected to it.

The Digital Calipers are available in a number of versions when compared to the Dial Calipers. They provide you numerous length provisions that make you choose the best and ideal one, for your specific job. The modern day Digital Calipers have the extraordinary feature of working under extreme conditions too. In total, they are available in the market giving you several divergent benefits that will ultimately help you in finishing your work easily.

Top 5 Digital Calipers for Reloading Reviews

  1. Mitutoyo 500-474 Digital Caliper

This particular model is a Solar Digital Caliper that is fitted with a hard coated solar panel. The measurement ranges from 0-6 inches to 150 mm. This caliper has the resolution of 0.01 mm. It has the ability to attain its original point even when it switched off.

  1. Mitutoyo 500-196-30 AOS Absolute Scale Digital Caliper

This is another Mitutoyo branded Digital Caliper that has the unique feature of setting zero once in the lifetime. However, you can change it whenever needed. It can be zeroed at any point. It has the accuracy of 0.02 mm. It comes with a nice hard box that helps in keeping the digital caliper safe and secure at all times.

  1. Fowler Full Warranty Stainless Steel Frame Euro- Cal IV Electronic Caliper

This is the electronic caliper that provides you the best precise measurements. It can give you the accuracy of about 0.0015 inches. And possess with a resolution of 0.0005 inches. It also has the ability to provide you with fractional units, metrics or single value readings. It comes with a hardened steel frame for its extra protection.

  1. EAGems Digital Caliper

This is a top quality digital caliper that can work and even give you precise readings under wet conditions too. It has a big LCD screen to flash your readings and to make you read easily.

  1. iGaging Absolute Origin 0-6″ Digital Electronic Caliper

This unique Digital Caliber of iGaging has the memory storing facility. It also has a sensor that indicates as when the caliper is ready for taking the readings.

Best Digital Calipers for Reloading Buying Guide 2019

Getting the best reviews before buying a product is a much smarter option than searching continuously for the ideal one. Here are some of the points that you must consider before buying a Digital Caliper in the market:

  • Measuring Modes The best ideal digital caliper must have three modes of measurements- millimeters, fractions or inches. Since, when concentrating on theses measuring modes, helps you provide the exact reading under any conditions.
  • Precision – This is the vital and the foremost option that has to be considered for sure. The digital caliper that you choose should provide you the accuracy of within 0.02 millimeters or 0.001 inches. This feature will help you choose the right one.
  • Construction – This part is the best one when looking for its style and appearance. The digital calipers should be made up of hard stainless steel, for the instrument to strive in a longer run. Hence, you can achieve its durability, reliability and of course sturdiness.
  • Battery life – Make sure the model of the digital caliper chosen is as such that will provide you the long-lasting battery life. Since then, you will be able to use the caliper and work with it in a stretched time.

Digital Calipers VS Dial Calipers for Reloading

For many years until now, Dial Calipers have stamped their presence in the field of precise measurements. They have the flexibility to work under any weather conditions. Dial Calipers have no usages of batteries, which is the foremost relief obtained from these dial models. But there are few disadvantages of Dial caliper models, for which people move on to the modest Digital Calipers.

Major advantages include,

  • Re-calibration made easy– There is no re-calibration needed before starting to take measurements in case of digital calipers. The instrument goes back to zero, unlike dial calipers.
  • Accurate Measurements– It will provide you with the high accuracy and direct readings. You need not have to keep on converting the units once measured. It has the most reliable and durable feature, like setting zero and unit conversion button, for making the job of measurements easy. This is not found in dial calipers.
  • Ease of Use– The digital calipers are used by most of the professionals these days. These come with LCD screen for displaying the readings. Digital calipers are therefore very easy to use, as compare to dial calipers.

On the other hand,

  • Ease of Repairing

Digital Calipers are difficult to repair if for any reason they are damaged. But dial calipers are easier to fix in case of a slight damage.

  • Batteries

In case of digital calipers, you will need to change the batteries when they are drained. Dial Calipers do not require batteries to operate.


Digital Calipers, owing to their various advantages, are for reliability and accuracy. That is why they are considered to be the best choice for professionals.