Aickar Electronic Digital Caliper Reviews and Buying Guide

If your work involves measuring smaller distance, to the limit of decimals, then this is the main product that you need in your toolbox. Aickar Electronic Digital Caliper is made with stainless steel preventing rusting and giving it a shiny appearance. Aicker makes the best caliper and is trusted by most of the expert users. Here, in this article I am going to list out some important features that the Caliper has and how you are going to use it. So let us go through the points below:


  • Gives you the minute details and retains the last measurement which helps in easy picking from where you last left.
  • Comes with a year warranty
  • IP Grade 54 prevents dust and insect from making its home in your valuable instrument.


  • Maybe a bit heavy in weight.
  • With time the sliding action may develop some congestion.
  • Though LCD screen is there to display the measurement it does not show more than a first decimal point.

Features of Aickar Digital Caliper

  • IP Grade 54 is an important feature that keeps insect, water,and dust at bay. I am sure you all must have seen unknown guests crawling out of the tool. IP Grade 54will prevent that.
  • Aickar Electronic Digital Caliper has the measurement accuracy within.0005-inch/.01-mmand this minute accuracy is the perfect tool for many household and professional works.
  • With just one click you can adjust the caliper between inch/millimeter/fractions.Measuring may get minute and detailed depending on the work you are dealing with. This Caliper from Aicker helps in getting even the minutest of details and ensures precision that is required.
  • Since it is small measurements that you have to note down, there is an LCD screen that is going to help record the measurement. It displays instant reading with digital numbers. This is one of the features that you will not easily find in much of vernier caliper or micrometer caliper available in the market at the price at whichAickar Electronic Digital Caliper is available.A perfect tool to get you the internal and external dimensions, diameters, depth and steps in an inch, millimeter as well as fractions.
  • Machine-grooved thumb-roller has been provided by Aicker in this caliper that will help in adjusting and inaccurate position lock.
  • Battery backup is good with a 3V Do not worry if the battery starts to slow down as Aicker is providing with an extra 3V battery with the pack.
  • Other things included in the pack are a mini screwdriver for battery replacement and a soft cleaning cloth to keep the tool clean and shiny. The pack is attractive and if you happen to know peoplewho are machinists, woodworkers, jewelers,and craft lovers then this could be the best gift to them from you. If you are one yourself then do not wait much and grab a pack of Aickar Electronic Digital Caliper.

As a customer, you can always count on the brand. The product is designed in the most user-friendly way and gets handy with the very first use. To ensure the customers enjoy complete quality assurance from the company, there is one-year warranty provided.

Now let us see the major areas where Aicker Electronic Digital Caliper can be best used:

The product has smooth gliding, thumb roller, lock screw, mm/inch/fractions switch, large & clear display, auto on/off which makes it a perfect tool to be used in jewelry cutting and designing. If younotice, thecuts and designsin jewelry are minute and people expect the cuts to come beautifully. With Aicker Electronic Digital Caliperyour jewelry piece is going to have many admirers and catering to the demand of consumers will become easy.Literally, all kinds of crafts can be better handled if youhavea box of Aicker Electronic Digital Caliper.

If you are machinist then this is a must have foryourtoolbox. While other craft lovers and carvers can leave the measurement hassle to this caliper from Aicker.

What Customers Saying about Aickar Digital Caliper

As a customer,I am sure you are planning to look up some reviews about the product from people. I have picked up some honest comments from the users of caliper:

George Ioakimedes from Antelope, California (USA) says that the product is equipped with an LCD screen that retains the observed number even when the power is off. This has helped in easy picking of the last measurement. Though the buyer finds the product heavy and some congestion in the sliding action of the product.

Big Don Professional (Safety Specialist) find the product a perfect fit and the price is great too, according to the review. ‘I would buy this again absolutely’ is what the buyers say heartily.

Hope my write up helps you in understanding the product. Please share your views in the comment section below.


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